Case Study: Teesport, United Kingdom

Unitrove were responsible for the design and installation of the UK's first ever LNG ship bunkering facility. The first bunkering took place in May 2015 with the facility safely delivering approximately 50 tonnes of LNG into Coral Sticho.

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We are very proud of achieving this milestone for LNG bunkering. The intensive collaboration between Shell, SABIC, Anthony Veder and contractors Schenk, Unitrove, PD Ports and Liqal has enabled this successArjan Stavast, Shell LNG Business Development Manager
This first LNG bunkering allows for a continuous safe and reliable bunkering operation for the Coral Star and Coral Sticho. We are proud that these vessels are the world's first LNG-fuelled LEG carriers. A major achievement for LNG as a marine fuel and our company. We highly appreciate the close collaboration between well-respected partners involved that made this success possible.Jan Valkier, CEO of Anthony Veder